Best DUI Lawyers in Glendale

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can completely change your life, potentially leading to severe consequences such as hefty fines, loss of driving privileges, and even jail time. In California, a DUI conviction not only comes with immediate penalties but also has long-term effects on your personal and professional life. The stakes are high, and DUI law is complicated, which is why it’s important to have a skilled lawyer by your side.

Understanding the significant role that a capable attorney can play in the outcome of a DUI case, we have made it our mission to find the Best DUI Lawyers in Glendale, California. These legal professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to navigate the complex court system and advocate effectively for you.

Whether you’re dealing with your first DUI charge or facing more complicated situations, it is crucial to find the best representation possible. Our carefully selected list serves as a valuable resource to help you find skilled lawyers who will work hard to protect your rights and strive for the best possible resolution of your case.

Understanding DUI Laws in Glendale

DUI laws in California are strict, and Glendale enforces these laws with equal seriousness to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors. It’s important for everyone driving in the state, especially in Glendale, to have a clear understanding of these rules.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits:

California has established legal BAC limits as follows:

  • 0.08% for drivers 21 years and older operating regular passenger vehicles
  • 0.04% for commercial drivers
  • 0.01% for drivers under 21 or those on probation for a previous DUI

Driving with a BAC higher than these limits can result in arrest and charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Penalties for DUI Offenses:

The penalties you may face if convicted of a DUI can include:

  • Monetary fines
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Mandatory DUI education programs
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device (IID)
  • Imprisonment

Repeat offenses carry harsher penalties, and aggravating factors like causing injury can lead to even more severe consequences.

Consequences of a Felony DUI Conviction:

A DUI can be charged as a felony under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Causing injury or death while driving under the influence
  • Having multiple DUI convictions within a 10-year period

A felony DUI conviction can have significant consequences, including:

  • Longer prison sentences
  • Higher fines
  • Extended license suspensions
  • Permanent criminal record entries affecting employment and housing opportunities

Glendale residents should know that law enforcement actively looks for impaired drivers through checkpoints and patrols. The city is committed to public safety, which means any violation of the law will be dealt with accordingly.

By being aware of these laws, individuals can make better choices about their behavior on the road. For those dealing with DUI charges, it is crucial to find experienced legal representation. California’s legal system is complex, and the potential impact on your future cannot be underestimated.

Navigating DUI laws requires accuracy and a deep understanding of local regulations—qualities possessed by top-notch attorneys in Glendale who are ready to help clients overcome their legal problems.

Importance of Hiring a Skilled DUI Lawyer

When you’re charged with a DUI in Glendale, it’s crucial to hire an experienced DUI lawyer. The laws surrounding DUI cases are complex, and having an attorney who specializes in this area can make all the difference.

Why is it Essential to Hire a Knowledgeable DUI Attorney?

Facing a DUI charge can be overwhelming. Trying to understand the intricacies of DUI laws on your own is not ideal. That’s where a skilled DUI lawyer comes in:

  1. They can explain the complexities of the laws in simple terms, ensuring that you fully understand what you’re up against.
  2. They have in-depth knowledge of local court systems and procedures, including how prosecutors work and the inner workings of the courts. This familiarity can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

How Can a Skilled Lawyer Assist You in Your Case?

Having a knowledgeable DUI lawyer by your side offers several advantages:

  1. Building a Strong Defense Strategy: An experienced attorney will carefully examine the details of your case and develop a solid defense strategy. They know what to look for, such as mistakes made during procedures or inconsistencies in evidence that could weaken the prosecution’s argument.
  2. Representing You in Court Hearings: Going to court can be intimidating, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. Having a skilled lawyer who knows how to present your case professionally can provide reassurance during this stressful time.
  3. Negotiating Reduced Charges or Penalties: Even if the evidence against you seems strong, a seasoned attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution for lesser charges or penalties.

In summary, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer in Glendale can significantly impact how your case turns out. These professionals offer more than just legal guidance – they also fight passionately for your rights and best interests.

How We Selected the Best DUI Lawyers in Glendale

In our quest to bring you the best DUI lawyers in Glendale, California, we’ve followed a meticulous selection process. Each DUI lawyer was evaluated based on their years of experience, area of specialization, record of success, reputation within the legal community, and client reviews.

Michael Eric Kraut

Our first recommendation is Michael Eric Kraut, an accomplished DUI lawyer in Glendale. He’s not just a lawyer; he’s a former Deputy District Attorney. This gives him a unique perspective and advantage as he understands both sides of the courtroom.

Expertise and Experience

  • With more than 20 years of legal experience, Kraut has handled thousands of cases.
  • He specializes in DUI defense and has a comprehensive understanding of California’s complex DUI laws.
  • His background as a former prosecutor allows him to anticipate the prosecution’s strategies and build compelling defense arguments.

Notable Case Results

  • Kraut has an impressive track record with numerous successful case results to his credit.
  • His ability to secure dismissals, reduced charges or acquittals for his clients is exceptional.

Reputation and Client Reviews

  • Kraut maintains a strong reputation within the local legal community for his commitment to justice and relentless advocacy.
  • Client reviews highlight his professional demeanor, strategic thinking, and compassionate approach.

One client shared,

“Michael Eric Kraut is top-notch. He uses his extensive knowledge and passion for justice to give his clients the best possible representation.”

In summary, Michael Eric Kraut stands out among DUI lawyers in Glendale for his rich experience, deep understanding of DUI laws, impressive case results, and positive client feedback.

Anthony Rios

When it comes to DUI cases in Glendale, California, one name that stands out is Anthony Rios. Rios has earned a stellar reputation in the legal community due to his exceptional skills in defending DUI cases and extensive experience in dealing with the complex nuances of DUI laws.

Expertise in DUI Defense

Attorney Rios’ expertise spans across several key areas vital for effective DUI defense:

  1. Understanding the intricacies of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests
  2. Navigating court procedures
  3. Negotiating plea bargains

His vast experience handling DUI cases has equipped him with insights into how prosecutors approach these cases, enabling him to anticipate their strategies and build robust defenses for his clients.

Commitment to Client Communication

One noteworthy aspect of Anthony Rios’ work is his commitment to client communication. He ensures that each client is well-informed about every stage of their case, from initial arrest procedures to DMV hearings and court trials. This transparent approach has garnered him considerable respect among his clients.

Track Record of Success

Rios’ law firm also boasts a commendable track record of successful DUI defenses. Cases that seemed unfavorable initially have been turned around due to the diligence and strategic planning of this seasoned attorney.

A client testimonial attests:

“Hiring Anthony Rios was the best decision I made after my DUI arrest. His in-depth knowledge about DUI laws coupled with his aggressive defense strategy helped me get a favorable outcome in my case. He kept me informed throughout the process and made sure I understood all my options.”

This review not only highlights Rios’ deep understanding of DUI laws but also underscores his commitment to keeping clients engaged in their own defense – a quality that sets him apart from many other attorneys.

Choosing the best DUI lawyer involves considering multiple factors such as experience, success rate, expertise, and client satisfaction. Based on these criteria, Anthony Rios undoubtedly ranks among the top choices for anyone seeking legal representation for a DUI case in Glendale, California.

Ambrosio E. Rodriguez

When facing DUI charges, selecting an attorney with a strong background in criminal defense can make a big difference. Ambrosio E. Rodriguez is one of the best DUI lawyers in Glendale, California, bringing extensive experience and expertise to his clients’ cases.

Experience & Expertise

  • Former Prosecutor: Mr. Rodriguez’s unique perspective as a former Senior Deputy District Attorney for over 13 years gives him insider knowledge on how the prosecution works.
  • Case Handling: Specializing in DUI and criminal defense, he has successfully handled thousands of cases, including those involving complex DUI charges.
  • Recognition: His commitment to excellence has earned him recognition by various professional organizations and legal communities.

Notable Case Results

  • Comprehensive Defense: With a track record of reducing or dismissing charges against his clients, Mr. Rodriguez uses thorough investigative techniques and aggressive representation.
  • Case Example: In one notable instance, he managed to overturn a client’s DUI charge by challenging the accuracy of the breathalyzer test given during the arrest.

Client Testimonials

“Ambrosio was relentless in crafting a defense strategy that was tailored to my situation. His dedication resulted in a favorable outcome that I didn’t think was possible.” – Client Review

The endorsement by satisfied clients shows the personalized attention and hard work Mr. Rodriguez puts into each case.

Selection Process Transparency

  • The list of top attorneys was carefully researched based on their professional achievements, client reviews, and contributions to DUI defense law.
  • Only those with outstanding reputations for defending their clients with honesty and skill were considered.

Choosing Ambrosio E. Rodriguez means choosing an experienced DUI lawyer in Glendale who values clear communication, strong representation, and positive results for his clients.

For individuals looking for an advocate who is both strategic and compassionate, his firm’s review speaks volumes about the quality of legal advice provided.

Justin Edward Sterling

When looking for the best DUI lawyers in Glendale, California, one name that stands out is Justin Edward Sterling. Sterling’s law firm has a great reputation for providing excellent legal defense to individuals charged with DUI offenses. His knowledge and dedication to his clients’ cases have earned him recognition within the legal community.

Experience and Expertise

  • Proven Track Record: Justin Edward Sterling has a strong history of successful case outcomes, showing his ability to handle complex DUI cases.
  • Defensive Strategies: He uses innovative defense strategies tailored to each specific case, ensuring the best results for his clients.
  • Industry Recognition: Sterling has received numerous awards and honors from respected legal institutions.

Notable Case Results

  • Case Dismissals: Many of Sterling’s clients have had their charges reduced or dismissed thanks to his careful approach to evidence and procedural errors.
  • Plea Negotiations: For cases where dismissal isn’t possible, he has been skilled at negotiating plea deals that minimize the penalties and long-term consequences for his clients.

A satisfied client’s review perfectly captures the relief and gratitude they experienced with Sterling’s representation:

“With my career on the line after a DUI charge, I was terrified. Hiring Justin Edward Sterling was the best decision I made. Not only did he get my charges reduced, but he also guided me through every step with care and professionalism. The outcome was better than I ever imagined.”

This testimonial speaks volumes about the positive impact a skilled DUI lawyer can have on the lives of those facing such serious accusations.

Commitment to Clients

  • Personalized Attention: Every case receives Justin Edward Sterling’s full focus, showing his dedication to tailored legal service.
  • Client Education: He makes sure that clients understand each stage of their case, making the complexities of DUI proceedings easier to grasp.

Justin Edward Sterling embodies the qualities individuals should seek in a defense attorney: expertise in DUI law, a track record of favorable outcomes, and a strong dedication to client success. His inclusion on this carefully selected list highlights not just his qualifications but also his outstanding reputation among those he has assisted in Glendale.

Seppi Esfandi

Our selection process of the best DUI lawyers in Glendale, California, continues with Seppi Esfandi. He is a highly experienced and respected DUI defense lawyer known for his successful case outcomes and expertise.

Esfandi has been practicing law for over 20 years and has dedicated his career to defending individuals facing DUI charges. His in-depth knowledge of DUI laws combined with his extensive courtroom experience makes him an excellent option for those dealing with a DUI case in Glendale.

Key Aspects of Esfandi’s Expertise:

  • Case History: Esfandi has a proven track record of achieving positive results for his clients. He has successfully obtained acquittals and reduced penalties in numerous DUI cases.
  • Knowledge and Experience: With his many years of practice, Esfandi has developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricate details of California’s DUI laws. He is also familiar with the specific procedures followed in local courts, giving him an added advantage.
  • Client Centric Approach: Esfandi prioritizes effective communication with his clients. He takes the time to explain their legal situation and potential outcomes, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

“Seppi was amazing from start to finish! He kept me informed throughout my entire case and helped me avoid jail time. I can’t recommend him enough!”

We also collected testimonials from previous clients as part of our review process for the top DUI lawyers in Glendale. This feedback further reinforces Esfandi’s dedication and skill in providing exceptional legal representation.

Transparency is crucial when presenting our list of top attorneys. We want our readers to trust that our selections are based on merit and genuine expertise. Seppi Esfandi‘s commitment to protecting his clients’ rights, coupled with his extensive knowledge, truly sets him apart as one of the best DUI lawyers in Glendale, California.

How to Choose the Right DUI Lawyer for Your Case

Choosing the best DUI lawyer in Glendale can feel like navigating through an intricate maze. However, by focusing on a few critical elements, you can identify the right legal representation for your needs.

1. Evaluate Their Success Rate and Experience

When evaluating potential attorneys, consider their success rate in DUI cases. An attorney with a proven track record indicates competence and dedication to their craft. It’s essential to ask about their experience dealing with cases similar to yours. Remember, every case is different, so the attorney’s ability to adapt their strategy depending on the unique circumstances of each case is crucial.

  • Briefly ask about their past cases and outcomes.
  • Inquire about their approach to your specific situation.

2. Assess Their Knowledge of Local Court Procedures

The lawyer’s knowledge of local court procedures also plays a significant role. Every court has its distinct way of handling proceedings — familiarity with local courts implies that your attorney knows what to expect and how to prepare accordingly.

  • Ask if they have experience working in local courts.
  • Find out how comfortable they are navigating the Glendale legal system.

3. Consider Their Reputation Within the Legal Community

Equally important is the reputation of the lawyer within the legal community. A good reputation amongst peers can influence negotiations and court proceedings positively.

  • Research online reviews and testimonials.
  • Ask for references from past clients.

4. Plan for an In-Depth Consultation

Once you’ve shortlisted potential lawyers, plan for an in-depth consultation. This meeting will give you a sense of their work style, communication skills, and commitment towards your case.

  • Prepare a list of questions before the consultation.
  • Pay attention to how well they listen and respond to your concerns.
  • Assess if you feel comfortable discussing your case with them.

Remember, choosing the right DUI lawyer involves more than just ticking off boxes on a checklist. It requires careful consideration of various factors, including how confident you feel with them representing you. This process might take time but remember that this decision could significantly impact your life’s trajectory.

The Cost of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Determining the cost of a DUI lawyer in Glendale can be a daunting task. The fees can vary greatly, depending on the complexity of the case, the experience of the attorney, and the law firm’s reputation.

One common concern is whether high fees directly equate to better legal representation. While it’s true that experienced, reputable attorneys often charge more, this isn’t always an indicator of success rate. It’s critical to choose a lawyer who has extensive knowledge and a proven track record in DUI cases rather than basing your decision solely on cost.

Payment plans or financing options could be beneficial if affordability is a concern. Many law firms understand that legal fees can put financial strain on individuals and offer flexible payment solutions to ease this burden.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Some lawyers might charge an hourly rate while others provide a flat fee for their services.
  • Unforeseen factors such as trial preparation or expert witnesses could potentially increase costs.
  • Always ask for an estimate upfront to avoid unexpected charges later.

Pricing should be transparent and fair, so don’t hesitate to discuss potential costs during your initial consultation with potential lawyers. Remember, investing in quality representation now can save you from severe consequences down the line.

Alternatives to Hiring a Private DUI Attorney

Navigating the legal landscape of DUI cases in Glendale can be daunting. Individuals who find themselves unable to afford a private DUI lawyer have alternatives available. One such option is seeking representation from a public defender.

Public defenders play an essential role in our justice system, providing legal representation to those who cannot afford private counsel. They are fully qualified attorneys, well-versed with the law and capable of representing clients in court. Public defenders can also provide legal assistance in many instances, including DUI cases.

However, it’s important to note that public defenders often juggle heavy caseloads. This could potentially limit the amount of time they can dedicate to your case compared to a private attorney. Despite this limitation, they offer invaluable help, especially for individuals facing financial constraints or those who simply cannot afford the high costs of retaining a private attorney.

Next, we’ll delve into some key considerations when evaluating your options. Whether you’re considering hiring a private DUI lawyer or leaning towards a public defender, these insights will help you make an informed decision.

The DUI Defense Process: What to Expect

When you find yourself facing a DUI charge in Glendale, understanding the DUI defense process can provide some measure of relief. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of what usually unfolds after a DUI arrest.

Step 1: The Arrest

The process begins with the arrest, typically initiated because of suspicious driving behavior or at a sobriety checkpoint. Law enforcement officers will conduct field sobriety tests and may use breathalyzer or chemical tests to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Step 2: Booking and Bail

After the arrest, you’re taken to the police station for booking. This involves recording your personal information, taking mugshots, and fingerprinting. Afterwards, depending on the circumstances, you might be released on bail.

Step 3: Arraignment

The arraignment is your first court appearance. At this stage, you’ll enter your plea – guilty, not guilty, or no contest. A skilled DUI lawyer can help you understand the implications of each option.

Step 4: Pre-Trial Motions and Negotiations

In the period between arraignment and trial, your attorney can file pre-trial motions aimed at suppressing evidence or dismissing charges. They will also engage in negotiations with the prosecution to potentially reduce charges or penalties.

Step 5: Trial Proceedings

Should negotiations fail or if it’s in your best interest to proceed to trial, your lawyer will present arguments and evidence before a jury to advocate for your innocence.

These stages represent a high-level view of the DUI defense process in Glendale. It’s important to note that each case has unique aspects that may alter this trajectory. Your chosen lawyer will explain these stages in relation to your specific case, providing guidance every step of the way.

Common Defenses Used in DUI Cases

When you’re facing a DUI charge in Glendale, your defense attorney’s expertise can be critical to your case’s outcome. Experienced lawyers often use several common defenses to challenge DUI charges. These strategies aim to create reasonable doubt about the prosecution’s evidence, argue for the legality of the traffic stop, or present alternative explanations for any observed signs of intoxication.

Questioning the Accuracy of Breathalyzer or Blood Test Results

One typical approach is to challenge the reliability of breathalyzer or blood test results. Your attorney may raise issues related to:

  • Device calibration: Breathalyzers need regular maintenance and calibration to provide accurate readings. If the device used wasn’t properly calibrated, this may invalidate the results.
  • Test administration: The accuracy of breath or blood tests can be affected by how they’re administered. Errors in procedure, such as not observing you for the required time before conducting a breath test, could lead to inflated BAC readings.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions or medications can influence breathalyzer results. Diabetes, acid reflux, and some diets can produce mouth alcohol that interferes with breath tests.

Challenging Probable Cause for a Traffic Stop

Defense attorneys also scrutinize the legality of the initial traffic stop. Law enforcement officers need probable cause to pull you over, such as a traffic violation or observable signs of impaired driving. If your attorney can successfully argue that there was no probable cause for the stop, any evidence collected during it may be deemed inadmissible in court.

Presenting Alternative Explanations for Observed Signs of Intoxication

Lastly, another common defense strategy is presenting alternative explanations for signs of intoxication. It’s crucial to remember that physical symptoms like red eyes, slurred speech, or unsteady gait can result from factors other than alcohol consumption:

  • Allergies, fatigue, or illness can cause red, watery eyes.
  • Nervousness or certain medical conditions can lead to slurred speech.
  • Physical disabilities, injuries, or even wearing high-heeled shoes can affect balance and walking ability.

These are just a few of the common defenses used in DUI cases. It’s important to work closely with your attorney who will tailor a defense strategy to the unique circumstances of your case.


Facing DUI charges in Glendale, California can be a daunting experience. Time is of the essence, and securing the services of a proficient DUI attorney can significantly influence your case’s outcome. The attorneys featured in this article are among the Best DUI Lawyers in Glendale, California and have a proven track record of effectively defending clients against DUI charges.

  • Michael Eric Kraut, Anthony Rios, Ambrosio E. Rodriguez, Justin Edward Sterling, and Seppi Esfandi stand out due to their extensive experience, deep understanding of DUI laws, and commitment to their clients.
  • They have successfully challenged breathalyzer or blood test results, raised doubts about the officer’s probable cause for traffic stops, and presented alternative explanations for observed signs of intoxication.

You’re encouraged to schedule consultations with these lawyers to discuss your case specifics. This step will help you gauge their expertise first-hand and allow them to provide an initial evaluation of your situation.

Remember that choosing an attorney is not merely about skills and experience; it should also be about finding someone who you feel comfortable with, someone who understands your concerns, respects your rights, and is dedicated to fighting for your interests.

Whether it’s your first DUI charge or you have prior convictions, these top-notch attorneys in Glendale are prepared to help navigate through this challenging time. Use this guide as a starting point to find the best legal representation for your case.

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