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DUI charges carry severe consequences, both immediate and long-term. The right lawyer not only assists you through the legal process but also works tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Whether it’s negotiating plea deals or representing you at DMV hearings, these seasoned professionals bring their wealth of experience to bear, providing you with top-tier legal support.

In this article, we spotlight some of Fremont’s finest DUI lawyers. We delve into their profiles, highlighting their expertise, accomplishments, and unique selling points. And remember, our website is always available as a resource to aid you in your search for an excellent DUI attorney.

The Criteria We Used for Selection

Selecting the finest DUI lawyers in Fremont, California necessitates a meticulous approach that considers a multitude of factors. This ensures that individuals facing DUI charges can secure top-tier legal representation that aligns with their specific needs. Our rigorous selection process includes:

  1. An exhaustive review of customer testimonials
  2. Scrutiny of each lawyer’s history and track record
  3. Evaluation of complaints and ratings
  4. Assessment of each attorney’s commitment to satisfaction, trust, cost efficiency, and overall excellence

This comprehensive evaluation allows us to identify the most qualified lawyers who can provide exceptional DUI defense services in Fremont.

Earl L. Jiang

When it comes to legal expertise in DUI defense, few match the caliber and reputation of Earl L. Jiang. As a seasoned DUI lawyer operating in Fremont, his credentials are impeccable:

1. Vast Experience

Since 1988, Earl L. Jiang has been navigating the intricacies of criminal defense with a focus on DUI cases. His tenure in the field has equipped him with unparalleled insight into the nuances of DUI law.

2. Educational Foundation

A proud alumnus of Santa Clara University School of Law, Jiang’s educational background lays a solid foundation for his legal practice. His academic prowess is complemented by a B.S. from the University of San Francisco.

3. Language Proficiency

Understanding the diversity of Fremont’s community, Jiang’s fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese stands out as a significant advantage. This enables him to serve a broader client base effectively and ensures clear communication.

4. Notable Cases and Accolades

Through his career, Earl L. Jiang has been at the forefront of many significant cases which have further cemented his status in the legal community. His strategic approach to litigation has earned him recognition and awards that speak to his proficiency as a criminal defense authority.

5. Client Advocacy

Reviews consistently highlight Jiang’s professional analysis and swift resolution of disputes. Clients praise his ability to secure the best possible outcomes while providing knowledgeable counsel at reasonable fees.

Jiang’s unique selling points do not merely rest on his past successes but also on his continued dedication to delivering justice for those he represents. He is known for meticulously analyzing each case’s specifics, ensuring personalized strategies tailored to individual circumstances.

By maintaining open lines of communication with clients and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their defense, Earl L. Jiang exemplifies what individuals should seek in a DUI lawyer in Fremont—knowledgeable guidance combined with passionate advocacy.

With such comprehensive criteria guiding our selection process, we ensure that only those demonstrating exemplary standards make it to our curated list—a testament to our “No Pay to Play” policy that prioritizes merit over any other considerations.

Ginny Harjot Kaur Walia

Ginny Harjot Kaur Walia is a prominent criminal defense attorney in Fremont who has been serving the community since 2003. Known for her tenacious representation, she fights relentlessly for clients facing DUI charges.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Her firm, Ginny Walia Law Offices Inc., offers free consultation for criminal cases, adding to the convenience and accessibility of her services. A distinctive aspect of Ms. Walia’s practice is her experience in family law alongside criminal defense. This interdisciplinary approach proves invaluable in DUI cases intertwined with complex family dynamics.

Courtroom Skills and Reputation

She has handled court and jury trials in San Francisco Bay Area Criminal Courts, demonstrating her robust courtroom skills. Reviews from clients depict Ms. Walia as an attorney known inside and out by court staff, judges, and District Attorneys in Santa Clara county. She has earned accolades for achieving excellent results through multiple court dates.

Recognized Excellence

As part of our rigorous selection process, we examined Ms. Walia’s track record of success, reputation among clients and peers, and commitment to providing high-quality legal representation. Our research reaffirms that she is one of the best DUI lawyers in Fremont, California.

With Ginny Harjot Kaur Walia representing your case, you can expect:

  • Professional conduct
  • Extensive knowledge of the law and court system
  • Dedicated pursuit of the best possible outcome.

Bonjour, Thorman, Burns & Dahm PC

Respected within the legal industry for their specialization in Plaintiff Personal Injury and Criminal Defense, Bonjour Thorman Burns & Dahm PC is a standout law firm known for their expertise in handling DUI cases in Fremont, California.

A Renowned Law Firm with Extensive Experience

Established since 1973, this renowned law firm has offices in Pleasanton, Oakland, and Fremont, making them conveniently accessible to clients throughout Northern California.

Commitment to Achieving the Best Possible Outcomes

Their reputation extends beyond the borders of Fremont, with recognition within the criminal justice bar of Northern California. This is largely due to their commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Top-Notch Legal Professionals

The lawyers at Bonjour Thorman Burns & Dahm are known as top-notch legal professionals – smart, dedicated and highly respected by judges and opposing counsel alike.

Rigorous Selection Process

The process of selecting top DUI lawyers in Fremont involved a rigorous analysis of several factors. For Bonjour Thorman Burns & Dahm PC, we looked deeply into their track record of success in handling drunk driving cases, reputation among clients and peers, as well as their dedication towards providing exceptional legal representation.

Why Choose Bonjour Thorman Burns & Dahm PC?

  • Long-standing experience
  • Unwavering commitment to clients’ needs

Their long-standing experience, combined with an unwavering commitment to their clients’ needs sets them apart from other firms. As such, those seeking a DUI lawyer in Fremont can be confident that this firm will offer knowledgeable advice and robust representation.

Louis J. Goodman

When looking for a dedicated DUI attorney in Fremont, California, many people recommend Louis J. Goodman as an excellent choice. He has been practicing law for more than 30 years and has built a strong reputation in criminal defense, specifically in DUI cases. His extensive experience shows not only his long career but also his deep knowledge of DUI law and how it works.

Why Choose Louis J. Goodman?

Here are some reasons why Louis J. Goodman is considered one of the top DUI lawyers in Fremont:

  1. Expertise: With over 30 years of defending clients against DUI charges, Goodman has shown that he knows this area of law inside and out.
  2. Community Connections: Being a part of the Fremont community for so long has allowed Goodman to build strong relationships with local legal professionals. These connections can be valuable for clients, as they may lead to better plea deals and more personalized representation in court.

Our Selection Process

We have strict criteria when choosing the best DUI lawyers, ensuring that only highly qualified individuals are considered. Each candidate goes through a comprehensive evaluation, which includes:

  • Their track record of success in handling DUI cases
  • Their reputation among past clients and fellow attorneys
  • Their commitment to providing exceptional legal services to their clients

Goodman stands out not just for his impressive career but also for his dedication to giving personal attention to each case he handles. Clients who want a lawyer with deep ties to Fremont’s legal community can feel confident in Goodman’s ability to navigate the local landscape with skill and expertise, always working towards outcomes that are in their best interests.

How to Choose the Right DUI Lawyer for Your Case

Choosing a DUI lawyer in Fremont, California, should be a careful process. When searching for a DUI lawyer, there are three important factors to consider: experience, specialization, and client reviews.


An attorney with a wealth of experience handling DUI cases can offer invaluable insights and strategies. They know the ins and outs of the local court system and are familiar with the tendencies of judges and prosecutors.


A lawyer specializing in DUI cases is equipped with specific knowledge about this type of law, staying up-to-date on changes that could impact your case.

Client Reviews

Feedback from past clients provides a first-hand account of an attorney’s competence, professionalism, and client service.

For those uncertain where to start their search, our proprietary 50-Point Inspection Process offers assistance. This rigorous evaluation tool examines lawyers based on various stringent criteria such as:

  • Reputation: A history of satisfied clients and outstanding service.
  • Credibility: Licensing, accreditations, and awards.
  • Experience: Years in practice, number of cases handled, and areas of specialization.
  • Availability: Approachable and responsive to client needs.
  • Professionalism: Providing excellent customer service with respect and integrity.

Through this meticulous process, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting their legal representation for a DUI case in Fremont.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About DUI Lawyers in Fremont

What Are the Potential Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Fremont?

Facing a DUI charge can be overwhelming, with the possibility of serious legal consequences. In Fremont, California, individuals found guilty of driving under the influence may face various penalties that highlight the gravity of such offenses. Here’s what you need to know if you’re convicted:

Potential Penalties

  • Fines: A financial penalty is almost certain with any DUI conviction. Depending on the specifics of your case, fines can range from $390 to $1,800.
  • License Suspension: Your ability to drive will likely be affected by a DUI conviction. The length of license suspension can vary significantly, potentially lasting up to three years.
  • Jail Time: Even first-time offenders could end up behind bars. The maximum jail sentence for a first DUI conviction is six months. Subsequent offenses carry longer potential sentences – a second DUI resulting in 96 hours to one year in jail and a third DUI could lead to 120 days to one year of incarceration.
  • Criminal Record Duration: A DUI conviction is not something that goes away quickly; it stays on your criminal record for ten years. This lengthy period emphasizes the importance of getting experienced legal representation to minimize long-term consequences.

Each case is unique, so the actual penalties may vary. Factors that can influence severity include:

  • Blood alcohol concentration levels at the time of arrest
  • Whether there was property damage or injury
  • Prior DUI convictions

Additional Requirements

Aside from the primary penalties mentioned earlier, additional obligations often accompany a DUI conviction:

  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) may be required to monitor and control your future use of vehicles.
  • Attendance at DUI School for 12-60 hours is generally mandated as part of efforts to address alcohol-related driving issues.

It’s crucial for individuals facing DUI charges in Fremont to have a full understanding of these consequences. With strict laws regarding driving under the influence, getting help from skilled DUI lawyers becomes vital. These attorneys can handle the complexities of DUI cases, aiming to minimize the impact on their clients’ lives.

By knowing about these potential penalties and seeking qualified legal advice, individuals involved in DUI cases can approach their situation with confidence. With knowledge about the potential consequences and expert support from experienced attorneys in Fremont, navigating through this challenging legal process becomes more manageable.

How Can I Avoid Jail Time for a DUI Conviction?

When you’re convicted of a DUI in Fremont, California, your main concern might be how to stay out of jail. Having a skilled DUI lawyer by your side is important because they know the best legal strategies to help reduce or even eliminate the need for incarceration.

Here are some options that may help you avoid jail time depending on your situation:

  1. First-Time Offenders: If this is your first DUI offense, there could be alternatives to jail available for you. These may include probation, community service, or attending DUI school. Your lawyer can work with the prosecution to negotiate these terms, focusing on rehabilitation instead of punishment.
  2. Repeat Offenses: If you have previous DUI convictions, it becomes more challenging to avoid jail time. However, there are still possibilities. Your attorney can argue for mitigating circumstances that could lead to a lesser sentence or propose alternatives like residential treatment programs.
  3. Maximum Jail Sentences:
  • First DUI Conviction: You could face up to six months in county jail.
  • Second DUI (within ten years): The potential jail time increases to between 96 hours and one year in county jail.
  • Third DUI (within ten years): The range extends from 120 days to one year in county jail.

Remember, these are just the maximum sentences allowed by law. With the right legal representation, there’s a chance of getting a more lenient sentence.

During plea negotiations and sentencing hearings, a seasoned lawyer’s expertise comes into play. They can present crucial evidence and make compelling arguments that may sway the court towards more favorable sentencing options. That’s why it’s essential to choose defense attorneys who not only understand Fremont’s legal system but also have a track record of success in handling similar DUI cases.

What Questions Should I Ask During My Initial Consultation with a DUI Lawyer?

Choosing the right DUI lawyer in Fremont, California, can significantly impact your case’s outcome. It is crucial to ask the right questions during your initial consultation to evaluate if the attorney is a good fit for your needs. Below are some essential questions to consider:

  1. How many years of experience do you have in handling DUI cases?
  • Experience plays a pivotal role. An experienced attorney can navigate through complex legal procedures and potentially achieve better outcomes.
  1. Have you dealt with cases similar to mine?
  • Every DUI case is unique, but similarities might occur. If an attorney has handled cases like yours before, they might be more equipped to deal with yours effectively.
  1. What defense strategies do you usually employ in DUI cases?
  • Understanding the attorney’s approach can give you an idea about how they plan to handle your case.
  1. Have you practiced in the local courts?
  • Local connections and understanding of the court procedures can be beneficial for your case.
  1. Can you provide references from past clients who had similar charges?
  • This can help gauge the attorney’s credibility and success rate.
  1. What are your fees and how are they structured?
  • Cost is an important factor to consider as it should align with your budget.

These questions aim to provide insight into a prospective DUI lawyer’s experience, strategies, local reputation, client satisfaction, and cost structure. The answers will facilitate making an informed decision on hiring a suitable lawyer for your DUI case in Fremont, California.

How Can a DUI Lawyer Help with the Administrative License Suspension Hearing?

When faced with the potential penalties of a DUI conviction in Fremont, one immediate concern is the administrative license suspension. A seasoned DUI lawyer plays a pivotal role at this juncture, representing clients at the DMV hearing to advocate for the retention of their driving privileges. Here’s how they can help:

  1. Navigating DMV Procedures: The DMV’s administrative process is separate from the criminal court proceedings. A DUI lawyer with experience in Fremont will be familiar with these specific procedures and can navigate them effectively.
  2. Presenting Evidence: Your attorney can present evidence on your behalf that may challenge the basis of the suspension. This might include questioning the validity of the traffic stop or the accuracy of the breathalyzer test.
  3. Legal Advocacy: Lawyers adept in this field will argue legal and technical aspects of your case to persuade the DMV official. Their advocacy skills are crucial in these hearings.
  4. Protecting Rights: An informed DUI lawyer ensures that your rights are protected throughout the hearing process.
  5. Advising on Outcomes: Regardless of the outcome, your lawyer will advise you on next steps, whether it’s preparing for a restricted license or appealing the DMV’s decision.

By having a dedicated legal professional by your side, you stand a far better chance at maintaining your ability to drive — an essential aspect of daily life for many residents of Fremont, California.

Can I Expunge a DUI Conviction from My Record in Fremont, California?

In Fremont, California, individuals with a DUI conviction may have the opportunity to clear their record through expungement. This legal process can be intricate and is contingent on meeting certain criteria. Below are key points about DUI expungement:

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for expungement in Fremont:

  1. The convicted person must have successfully completed probation.
  2. All fines, restitution, and mandatory programs ordered by the court must be fully satisfied.
  3. The individual must not be facing new criminal charges or serving another sentence.

Benefits of Expungement

A successfully expunged DUI conviction:

  • Removes the stigma associated with a criminal record.
  • May improve employment prospects as most employers cannot use an expunged conviction against an applicant.


It’s crucial to note that expungement does not:

  • Reinstate a revoked driver’s license.
  • Prevent the conviction from being considered in future sentencing should the individual re-offend.

DUI Lawyers in Fremont understand the nuances of local laws and can offer guidance on whether your case qualifies for expungement. They navigate the legal filings and advocate on your behalf to potentially restore your reputation.

If considering expungement for a DUI conviction in Fremont, connecting with a proficient attorney is essential. Their expertise ensures you understand the potential penalties of a DUI conviction and any available legal remedies such as expungement.

Navigating through a DUI case in Fremont, California can be complex and overwhelming. The value of a skilled DUI lawyer cannot be overstated, as they bring considerable experience and knowledge to the table, not to mention the peace of mind knowing you have strong representation.

With our curated list of the Best DUI Lawyers in Fremont, we hope to assist you in making an informed decision. Noteworthy professionals like Earl L. Jiang, Ginny Harjot Kaur Walia, Bonjour Thorman Burns & Dahm PC, and Louis J. Goodman have established their reputation through years of dedicated service.

How our directory and matching service can help you

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We trust this information will serve as a valuable resource for you. However, it should be noted that this content is intended for informational purposes only, and should not replace professional legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Always consult with a legal expert before making decisions related to your case.

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